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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Exactly is Muscle Testing?

A: Muscle Testing is a way of asking your body what is true or what is not true. When you ask your body a yes or no question, when the answer is "NO" your muscles become weaker. This response can be measured through muscle testing.

Q: What Happens During an Energy Healing Session?

A: We identify energy blocks which prevent full vitality and health in your body. These blocks can by emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual. We then go to the source of the energy block, and remove it. Removing energy blocks is often done through forgiveness work, including forgiveness of yourself.

Many other healing modalities may be used also.

Q: How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

A: You can contact Karen at (801) 638-4901 in Salt Lake.

Q: Do You Take Credit Card Payments?

A: Yes, just use the button below. You do NOT need a PayPal account.

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